Multi Media Drones
Roof Inspections

Safe, Cheap & Fast

Drones are a safe, cheap and fast way to conduct building surveys. Contact us if you would like to chat about how you could benefit from our services.

Structure Checks

Chimney Inspection

All inspections conducted by our survey drones offers HD video and high quality photographs, making it much easier to see those hard to reach locations.


Spot the loose tile

While completing a guttering check on this property it soon became obvious that a loose tile could have caused damage had it fallen. Easy spot with the drone and saving the client money.


Photography or Video

Aerial photography means different things to different people. For some, the term evokes spectacular sunsets, landscapes, beaches or sweeping mountain vistas.
Farm Surveys

Drone Surveys

Drone agriculture solutions that include photographs or video, sensors, and  mapping will empower you to make more effective and efficient farming decisions.

Photos or Video

Give your property a cost-effective aesthetic advantage by photographing them from a stunning elevated viewpoint. We offer aerial photographs from every angle or short video
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Flight Operations & Safety

Flights of our drone equipment is restricted by meteorological conditions such as wind speed and precipitation. We have full access to in depth weather forecast systems and will schedule each photography session to cause the least amount of inconvenience where possible, adjusting the time and date as necessary for continued safe operation and best visual results.

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